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Norton antivirus provides you with tons of features that can detect and remove the virus. You can take advantage of multiple Norton products as per your requirements. The Norton products are very budget-friendly for anyone and have been made by thinking about the home and business users' needs. You can easily download, install and activate this protection via going to this website:

Instructions to Download Norton Antivirus Setup

To download the Norton setup correctly, pursue these on-screen steps mentioned below:

  1. Invoke your desired web browser on the PC.

  2. After that, input ‘’ into the address, then hit the Enter key.

  3. You will get a homepage of Norton antivirus that will appear on your screen.

  4. Hit the Sign-in button.

  5. You should input the registered email ID.

  6. Then input the password to proceed.

  7. If you are a fresh user, then create an account with Norton.

  8. Now, fill in the details such as Email ID, DOB, and create a password.

  9. Finally, you will see two options on the window, for example, ‘download it on this system and ‘download it for other devices.’

  10. You should choose one of them to continue further.

  11. If you would like to download more Norton services, select the products you would like to download to proceed with the downloading process.

  12. Lastly, wait to finish the procedure.

Instructions to Install Norton Antivirus Successfully

To install the Norton setup successfully, pursue these on-screen steps mentioned below:

  1. Firstly, locate the downloaded setup from ‘,’ then hit the Enter key.

  2. Then hit the file to launch the setup of the Norton program.

  3. You should start the procedure of installation by extracting the file.

  4. If you are trouble issues while extracting the setup, then here are to do it:

  5. Reach the website screen of Toolbar.

  6. Find the option of Norton.

  7. Undoubtedly, locate a button over the website page.

  8. Invoke the extraction by selecting it.

  9. Now, you will get the screen of terms and conditions.

10.  You should hit the ‘I Agree' button.’

11.  Then, select the Verify button to confirm the process of installation.

12.  Lastly, wait to finish the installation procedure.

Instructions to Activate the Software of Norton Antivirus  

To activate the Norton setup effectively, pursue these on-screen steps mentioned below:

  1. First, you have to reach the icon of Norton antivirus and double click on it to launch it on the system.

  2. Then locate the product key of Norton.

  3. If you buy Norton antivirus online, you should locate it on the registered email ID simply.

  4. When bought from a retail shop, you can find the product key at the backside of the product package.

  5. Once you locate it, launch a browser and browse ''

  6. You should give the 25 digits an alphanumeric character activation key.

  7. Navigate to the Activation button and click on it.

  8. Don't forget to read the steps applicable to the screen carefully.

  9. Finally, finish the remaining process and guard the device against the virus.

Instructions to Get the Norton Antivirus on your Smartphone

To activate the Norton setup effectively on your smartphone pursues these on-screen steps mentioned below:

  1. You have to visit '' on the mobile device.

  2. Thereafter, go to My Account and select Sign-in.

  3. You should input the correct Sign-in details and select the Sign-in option.

  4. Then search for smartphone-compatible Norton antivirus and select it.

  5. Go to the +Add icon and choose the device from the pursuing list accordingly.

  6. Input the Country code and Contact number into the needed section.

  7. Select the Next option to get the download URL on the device.

  8. Once you get the link, select it, and start the downloading procedure.

  9. You have to wait for a while until you finish the downloading process.

10.  Then, open the file of Norton installation and pursue the pop-ups to install it.

11.  After completing the installation procedure, Log in to the account.

12.  Later, input the Pin or 25-character digits product key to service activated.

13.  Finally, the device is completely secure.


Q. How can I renew my Norton Internet Security for free?

Firstly, run the Norton app and reach the primary screen. Then find the renewal field, and once you get it, hit the Renew button. Now, pursue the steps for secure checkout.

Q. Why is my Norton not working?

The main issue can occur with a failed update. Reboot the device to fix this issue. In case you are still unable to scan, you are required to uninstall and reinstall Norton with the Norton Removal and Reinstall tool.